As a local network of consulting and constructional engineers aswell architects in the building business we do have a wide range of  work from regular and upmarket homes for individuals, to large projects of hospitals, several medical offices and block of flats (military and students).
All our work is independet, fair, conscientious and always realistic. We are experienced technican !

Our office is committed to plan excellence in function, performance and quality.

As a specialist on construction planning, detailing of technical interaction, site managment, quality control also as a safe-side-thinking engineer I would like to offer you the german way of engineering on your construction side and project.

With a special education and experience as a certificated expert for reconstruction  I did a lot of different jobs in historical buildings as well as alternations in running systems - mainly in healthcare facilities.

Some examples:

- Consulting on planning, build up and finalize of high quality standard on hotels, medical facilities and residential homes. Very specialized on radiology ( with MRI ), radiation therapy and nuclear medicine.

- Safety Management on certain construction sites in several countries.

- Final quality checks, checking tenders/specifications on site.

- Expert report.

- Architectural Service

- Project Management
- Eco-buildings without law-pressure, more realstic and accompany your way.

If you have your own good architect drawing a good design, you could need a independent specialist checking his details, consulting in special fields, checking final quality of general contractors work. Or being just your trustable representative.



You want to buy a building. You need a independent specialist telling you the truth what to do with the house, what it will cost to alternate. All point of view on the technical side ?!


Situated in the south of germany, we are able to jump to any point in Europe or a number of other foreign areas. My office-network has a small number of partners, but all of us are engineers, architects and specialist on everyones field.

And because we are small - we can react and can adapt your system very effective.

Quality and independence is one of our highest values.


* university hospital regensburg * military hospital amberg * new barracks in US-training area grafenwoehr * radiology - radiation therapy - nuclear medicine dr. neumeier with several subsidiaries * sewage system duggendorf * several residential homes * student home blocks regensburg and deggendorf * renovation and refurbishment of Parkhotel Maximilan in Regensburg * hospital additions and alternations * consulting industrial companies on their buildings * Upmarket private department of Asklepios Lindenlohe Germany * etc.

south african work experience: alternation and redesign of residential homes, technical Due Diligence of House Zwaanswk Road, Constantia - South Africa ...

world experience:  South Africa, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, U.A.E (Dubai - Hospitalbuild Convention & Congress - Arab Health Visits since 2009 ...)

Due to a short english version here on this side, I would like to present you further information on a short request via

Don´t hesitate !



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