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Who we are

Our small office and network is a group of consulting engineers, architects, technicians and economist who are honest, trustworthy and humane in offering you technical and economic due diligence regarding property you intend to acquire whether through building or through buying it.


As a common civil & constructional Engineering, Architectural, and Property consultancy company, the office of THOMAS ZLAMAL offers a comprehensive and integrated combination of solutions that are uniquely tailored to your personal property needs. Regarding medical facilities, hotels, and upmarket residential buildings, we specialize in assessing, accompanying, evaluating, and appropriately advising our esteemed clients throughout the construction, renovation, or purchase period. 


Why we are best suited to serve you

Our vast experience in actively designing, building, and managing projects in the field of hospital construction for over 25 years is unparalleled.  We have a rich understanding of the basics of medical technology particularly radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, operating theater areas (fire protection, hygiene, workflow), and patient satisfaction. We have supported a wide base of prospective buyers of clinics, radiology departments, hotels, restaurant chains, and other such projects in Asia, South Africa, and Europe.


With our tight-knit network, we ensure that you will receive our expertise in open, honest, and unbiased assessment in a way that is fitted to perfectly suit your need. Although sometimes uncomfortably honest, our technical and economic advice regarding your intended property is always of superior quality.


We would also be happy to support you as a consultant or controller alongside your planning team.



What we offer


Hotel Construction, Renovations and Evaluation: 

As qualified and experienced engineers and architects we are experts in building and property design as well as using our resources to bring your dream property to life. We evaluate the connection between optical quality, structural, hygiene, and fire protection quality. We provide support on operational safety, pollutants, and necessary renovation costs. We are also well-equipped to support other catering and recreational projects such as restaurant chains.


Medical Property Evaluation / Due Diligence: 

Knowing how important health is, we support investors in evaluating medical practices, small clinics, and large hospitals. 


Residential property:

At THOMAS ZLAMAL we believe that “A home is where the heart is” and strive to make that a reality for our residential property clients. We specialize in construction, evaluation, renovation, and expert advice if you intend to purchase or represent the builder in residential buildings.


Historical Buildings: 

Thanks to our additional qualifications and long experience in a very old surrounding, we have built up expert knowledge in the area of renovation and preservation of historical buildings. 



Indeed, we looking forward to be “Your Partner-in-Property”; by your side to protect your investment. 


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